Back to work!

Well, I’ve had some challenges over the last few months, but I’m working my way back to the top of the pile.  The first update is that I’m not in Miami anymore. I tried my best, and I found a good job paying a good salary, though it was stress full, I really did enjoy doing it. The challenge I wasn’t able to overcome, was housing. I was not able to find a place for my family and I to live quickly enough for my sons to change schools between class sessions. After coming to that conclusion, I decided to join the rest of my family in New Jersey, after all family truly is the most important thing in life.
I wasn’t able to find a decent job in New Jersey in a reasonable period of time, so I decided to give trucking a try. I went through Commercial Driver’s License training and began driving a truck for a major company, and have been driving across the US ever since. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, though I did miss Christmas because the dispatchers chose to rout me to Sacramento, CA. This past week I was able to make it home for my wife’s birthday, and I’m hoping to be able to make it home for Jordan’s birthday!

It seems obvious that I’m not going to be able to do a tremendous amount of wedding photography while driving over the road, so I’m going to be shifting back to working on building a stock database, and working on my photo-books.  I will still be working on and planning the business of photographing weddings and events, and I’ll be talking a lot in the future about various aspects of the business that I learn, and about techniques and fundamentals as well.