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I’m Michael Cahoon. I’ve been married for almost a year to a beautiful, intelligent, and supportive woman and have two awesome sons. I don’t even remember how old I was when I got interested in photography. I remember where I was, but not how old. It had to be in the early 1970’s, I was in my grandmother’s front yard snapping pictures with a Kodak 110 camera. I started reading whatever I could find about photography, and when I got to Junior High school, Eighth grade, I took a photography class and loved it. I was hooked on photography! I borrowed an old 35mm film camera for the class, and learned how to use it in manual mode (mine didn’t have an automatic mode), how to compose pictures properly, and how to develop film and paper in black and white. I learned about medium and large format cameras, and decided I would have one someday. It was still the 70’s so digital cameras had not yet been invented. Fast forward to today, I actually did invest in medium format cameras and one of them has a digital back enabling me to create incredible photos with awesome resolution. I have never lost my passion for photography, and I continue to learn something from every shoot I do.  Take a look at my website as often as you like, I will be posting new photos there every week or so!

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